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4 Late-Summer, Early-Fall Gardening Tips to Get Your Yard Ready

4 Late-Summer, Early-Fall Gardening Tips to Get Your Yard Ready

Follow these easy early-fall gardening tips to prep every area of your yard for the upcoming cool months.

We’re fully aware that summer is still having its moment, but once September kicks in, temperatures will start to cool off, so before that happens, gardeners advise to prepare your yard for the upcoming fall season, such as harvesting and cleaning up your veggie garden and bring back your plants indoors. However, what are the important early-fall gardening tips that you should check off your gardening tasks list?

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Tip #1: Summer Harvest

One of the early-fall gardening tips is to harvest summer veggies before they start to grow too big and inedible. If you’ve started a late-summer vegetable garden, you can harvest fresh produce during the fall season or maybe even winter.

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Tip #2: Start Your Fall Edibles

Even though it’s still hot outside, gardeners advise that it’s the perfect time to start planting your fall edibles, like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. You’ll enjoy these veggies by Thanksgiving.

Tip #3: Dig Up and Divide Perennials

Pass along some perennials and plants you’ve planted during spring and summer to your friends or neighbors. You could plant them in another area of your yard.

Tip #4: Keep Pests Under Control

One of the challenges of growing fruits and veggies is insects and pests that enjoy these fresh fruits and veggies. If you notice a dead section of your fruits or veggies, cut it and throw it away. Avoid using it as compost since you’re not sure if there are insect or pests eggs.

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Get your garden cleaned up and ready for fall by harvesting veggies, sowing flowers, plants, and so much more! Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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