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4 Easy Ways to Stake Indoor Plants for Support

4 Easy Ways to Stake Indoor Plants for Support

The summer season is when your plants grow rapidly. At some point, they may need a little support, literally. Learn how to stake indoor plants to help them even grow further.

As plant owners, we know that houseplants grow fast every summer due to the abundance of sunlight, perfect air condition, and lots of water. However, this is also the time that you should observe if your plants need a little support, such as staking them. Learn how to stake indoor plants allows them to stretch and grow even further. One of the reasons why experts advise to stake indoor plants is to make them grow in a certain condition, such as crawling plants or vines. It also helps your plants not fall over and uproot. So if you have climbing plants or vines that need support to help them grow well, here are four easy ways you can stake a plant to help it stay upright.

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Simple Straight Stake

The most basic form to stake indoor plants is to use a single stake, such as a bamboo rod pushed into the soil, and tie your plant to the stake. It’s ideal for single-stemmed plants that can be a little heavy or may uproot. Be careful not to tie the plant too tight since it can injure the plant’s stem.

Cage Support

Cage support works best for multi-stemmed plants that can be heavy with blooms or plants with big leaves and cannot support themselves. This type of plant is prone to uprooting, so use a wire cage to create support. Unlike the simple straight stake, you don’t have to tie the plant. However, make sure that the plant has room to spread out.

Moss Pole

The most complicated way to stake indoor plants. It’s ideal for climbing plants like Pothos, Monstera, and Philodendron. A moss pole is made by filling a narrow wire with damp sphagnum moss. Tie the plant to the pole until the plant eventually attaches itself.

Wire or Shaped Support

This method is perfect for creepers or plants with long branches that bloom. It’s easy to stake indoor plants with wire. Simply twist a wire into a loop and attach it to both ends into the soil. Carefully tie the plant to the wire.

Stake your indoor plants when they’re still young and still actively looking for support. Place the stake at the edge of the plant’s pot so that your plant will have room to grow. Don’t forget to trim or prune your plants, as well.

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