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4 Dried Flower Arrangements That Are Perfect for Fall

4 Dried Flower Arrangements That Are Perfect for Fall

Try one of these dried flower arrangements that you can enjoy the whole autumn season.

When you’re decorating for the fall season, it’s somehow impossible not to add a vase of dried flowers for that finishing touch. Dried flowers can make your space look fresh and moody. Plus, let’s not forget how they can make your home smell nice, and the best part is they last forever. There are plenty of ways dried flowers can spruce up your home. Give these show-stopping dried flower arrangements a shot for a gorgeous fall display.

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Grand Dried Flower Display

If you’re going to add a vase of dried flowers, make it eye-catching with an expansive arrangement. The trick is to use extra-sticky tape and reusable dry floral foam to the bottom of the vase or urn. Then stick in stems the way how you want your flower arrangement to look. You can search for inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram or watch a tutorial on YouTube. It’s a pretty easy and relaxing activity. We suggest propping larger leaves with smaller ones to create a balanced proportion.

Dried Flower Wreath

Welcome your guests with a lovely wreath made of dried flowers, like this ombre-dried flowers wreath. It’s gorgeous and a creative way to greet the fall season. We think it would also look nice to create a dried flower wreath for other seasons, like spring and summer. To recreate the look, wire small single-colored flowers onto the circular metal form, starting from top to bottom and light to dark. Finish it off with a velvet ribbon.

Chic Dried Flowers Centerpiece

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or any dinner gathering, we suggest creating a centerpiece of dried flowers. It will create a breezy and modern ambiance to the dining space. Arrange dried flowers in white ceramic vases and line them up loosely. It’s also a great centerpiece idea for winter or Christmas dinner.

Pair Dried Flower With Lights

One of the unique dried flower arrangements you’ll absolutely love is to pair them with string lights or fairy lights inside a clear jar or vase. Dot hot glue along the dried flowers or leaves’ spine, then press it around the exterior of the glass vase. Then arrange the string lights or candles inside. It’s a pretty decor to add to your coffee table, dining table, mantel, or nightstand.

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