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3 Ways You Can Create Good Feng Shui in Your Garden

3 Ways You Can Create Good Feng Shui in Your Garden

Attract nourishing and high-quality feng shui energy in your outdoor space by learning how to create good feng shui in your garden.

When it comes to attracting positive energy and creating good feng shui in your garden, the size of your garden doesn’t matter as long as you have the proper tools, relaxing pathways, and the right feng shui colors. Here’s how you can create good feng shui in your garden, according to these three criteria.

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Just like how you create good feng shui in your home, the same tools will be used in attracting good feng shui in your garden. By familiarizing yourself with the Bagua or energy map, you’ll be able to understand and strengthen each area in your garden to attract auspicious energy. For example, the northeast area of your garden is about personal growth and cultivation, and the feng shui element you should have is earth, so we suggest creating a Zen garden since its rocks and soil are both connected to the earth element.

If your garden is located in the southeast, it’s best to add water for money and abundance. The east is for health and family, while the north is connected to career and your path’s life.

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Let in Chi

The second way on how you can create good feng shui in your garden is to create a relaxing pathway. It’s also best if you could add flowing shapes since it’s closer to the physical features of nature. If you have kids and, you want to create a play area for them, it’s best to build it in the west area of your garden since the west is connected to the energy of creativity and children. Add wind chimes to your garden space, too, since the gentle sound gives off healing feng shui vibrations.

Feng Shui Colors

Bring healing and harmony to your garden space by adding colors that are connected to happiness, good energy, and healing. For example, red or purple flowers are connected with fire energy, while yellow blooms are connected with earth energy. You could also add colorful decor items or paint an area of your garden.

Follow these simple tips to create good feng shui in your garden. Remember to study the energy map to learn what kind of energy your garden space needs. Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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