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3 Holiday Plant Care Tips

3 Holiday Plant Care Tips

Give your plants some TLC even while you’re away with these holiday plant care tips.

We all need a break from the city, and visiting our family or going on a trip with our friends sounds like a fun plan, and a lush indoor jungle shouldn’t stop us from taking a much-needed holiday break. Yes, you can have fun and still go home to a thriving and beautiful jungalow as long as you follow these holiday plant care tips!

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Holiday Plant Care Tips

Ask a Friend: One of our holiday plant care tips is to ask a friend to water your plants while you’re out of town. Since it’s fall season, you don’t have to water your plants as much as you did during summer. You can leave a note to your house sitter to guide them on the proper way of watering your plants.

DIY Self-Watering Pot: There are plenty of ways to keep your plants hydrated while you’re on a holiday break, like buying your plants a self-watering pot. You can also create your own, such as a DIY drip system with a bottle of wine or plastic bottle, or you can try the old-school water wicking with a cotton rope.

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Prepare Your Plants: Before you leave. check your plants if they need some cleaning or dusting. Wipe their leaves with a damp cloth, bathe them before you go, and group them together to make the area humid.

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