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12 Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

12 Birth Month Flowers and Their Meanings

Here’s the complete guide of all the birth month flowers. Each one has a special meaning, too! (Heads up: There’s something unique for November babies!)

Everyone knows about their birthstone or zodiac, and even if you don’t admit it, you are guilty of obsessively reading about your personality traits and signs (looking at you, Scorpios). However, did you know about birth month flowers? And each birth month flower has a unique meaning which is believed to play a part in discovering something about your personality. Since each birth month flower has a special meaning and can express emotions, moods, or thoughts to the recipient, we think that it would be romantic to send your favorite person and loved ones their birth month flowers.

So here’s our complete guide of all the birth month flowers and what unique characteristics go along with them!

January Carnation Snowdrop Admiration, Hope, Love, Rebirth, and Remembrance
February Violet Primrose Faithfulness, Humility, Modesty, and Young Love
March Daffodil Hope, New Beginnings, and Prosperity
April Daisy Sweet Pea Blissful Pleasure, Innocence, New Beginnings, Purity, and True Love
May Lily of the Valley Hawthorn Hope, Humility, Motherhood, and Sweetness
June Rose Honeysuckle Happiness, Love, and Romance
July Larkspur Water Lily Dignity, Positivity, and Purity
August Gladiolus Poppy Imagination, Infatuation, Integrity, and Remembrance
September Aster Morning Glory Affection, Love, Mortality, Royalty, Unrequited Love, and Wisdom
October Marigold Cosmos Courage, Creativity, Passion, Peace, and Tranquility
November Chrysanthemum Honesty, Joy, Longevity, and Loyalty
December Narcissus Holly Defense, Faithfulness, Good Wishes, Hope, Protection, Respect, and Wealth

Read about all the birth month flowers to learn more about your personality, your friends, and loved ones!

January Birth Month Flowers: Carnation and Snowdrop

Carnations are bright flowers that bloom in the cold, gloomy winter months. Carnations bloom in almost all vibrant colors, like red, pink, purple, and yellow. They may look delicate, but Carnations can grow under extreme circumstances or as long as temperatures remain just above freezing. Carnations symbolize admiration, hope, love, rebirth, and remembrance, which explains why they are popular Mother’s Day gifts.

Similar to Carnations, Snowdrops are also bright flowers that bloom between January and March, which explains why they are January’s secondary birth flower. They typically grow in large patches and resembles a field covered in snow.

Your Personality: You are down-to-earth and genuine. You are also loyal and can love your family and friends unconditionally.


February Birth Month Flowers: Violet and Primrose

Violet and Primrose are the most commonly referred birth flowers for February babies. Many of us thought that red roses are February’s flowers thanks to Valentine’s Day, but these purple-hued blooms are actually February’s birth flowers. They also bloom in blue, cream, and yellow. Violets symbolize faithfulness, humility, modesty, and young love.

Primrose is another February birth flower. It’s a pale yellow perennial that is edible! Yes, you can turn it into yellow frosting and use it as a birthday cake décor.

Your Personality: You are extremely loyal. You are also wise beyond your years, but you are also a bit of a dreamer.


March Birth Flower: Daffodil

March only has one birth flower and that is the Daffodil. Daffodils ring in the spring, which explains why they symbolize hope, new beginnings, and prosperity. These cheerful yellow flowers remind us that the sun is always shining when you have your friends and loved ones! Daffodils vary in color, featuring pale yellow, orange, and white blooms.

Your Personality: You are extremely creative and kind to everyone you meet. Your life is all about happiness and peace.


April Birth Month Flowers: Daisy and Sweet Pea

In Old English, people once called Daisy “daes eage” or “day’s eye” because they could close their petals at night and open at the first touch of sunlight, which then reveals their bright yellow center. The beautiful Daisy symbolizes blissful pleasure, innocence, new beginnings, purity, and true love, which makes it a wonderful spring bouquet and shows your undying love! Daisies ranges in color from pink to white.

Meanwhile, Sweet Peas are famous for their sweet fragrance, and can make your home smell like spring!

Your Personality: You are a happy-go-lucky kind of person that can brighten everyone’s day!


May Birth Month Flowers: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

The sweetly-scented woodland Lily of the Valley is May’s birth flower. Well-known for its bell-shaped white flower heads, Lily of the Valley is often used in wedding bouquets. Since it blooms in May or late spring, it’s also called May bells. Lily of the Valley symbolizes hope, humility, motherhood, and sweetness, which makes it a popular gift for your mother on her birthday or Mother’s Day gift.

Another May’s birth flower is the Hawthorn. It’s a small, unique pink or white flower that is sometimes used as fillers in bouquets.

Your Personality: You are practical, and you can handle difficult situations well. Plus, your family and friends think you are the sweetest human ever!


June Birth Month Flowers: Rose and Honeysuckle

We think that June has the most beautiful and sweetest birth flowers which are the Rose and Honeysuckle. Roses are available in a rainbow of colors, they symbolize happiness, love, and romance.

Honeysuckle, on the other hand, attracts butterflies. They grow on shrubs or flowering vines.

Your Personality: You are a true romantic. You can easily adjust to new or difficult situations.


July Birth Month Flowers: Larkspur and Water Lily

Is this your first time to hear of Larkspur? Larkspur belongs to the Buttercup family. They come in a wide range of vibrant colors, like indigo, pink, and purple. Larkspur symbolizes dignity, positivity, and purity.

Water Lilies are unique lotus-like flowers that symbolize purity or rebirth.

Your Personality: You are charming, funny, and you have a sense of humor. You make people around you feel appreciated and welcomed. Most of all, you value your family over anything else.


August Birth Month Flowers: Gladiolus and Poppy

Gladiolus, a long, skinny-shaped flower that is sometimes ascribed to as the Sword Lily because Victorian romantics believed Gladiolus were able to pierce people’s hearts with their beauty. Gladiolus vary in color including orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. They symbolize imagination, infatuation, integrity, and remembrance.

Poppy is popular for its vibrant red color.

Your Personality: Your integrity and strength are unmatched, which make you a great leader.


September Birth Month Flowers: Aster and Morning Glory

Also known as Frost Flowers or Starworts, Asters resembles a star due to the Greek mythology goddess Astraea who once cried over a dark sky to lighten up the night. Where her tears fell, beautiful star-shaped flowers grew thus the creation of the vibrant Asters. Asters are available in different bold colors, such as lilac, mauve, pink, red, or white blooms. Asters symbolize affection, love, mortality, royalty, unrequited love, and wisdom.

Stuck in an unrequited love relationship? Just kidding. But seriously, Morning Glory symbolizes unrequited love. These flowers bloom in the early mornings, hence the name.

Your Personality: You are a bit emotional and a perfectionist, which makes you a great communicator.


October Birth Month Flowers: Marigold and Cosmos

Marigold is October’s birth flower and fall season. They symbolize courage, creativity, passion, peace, and tranquility. In Mexican culture, Marigold is used during Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead to honor the lives of family and friends who have died. Marigolds are also used medicinally to heal inflammation and skin problems.

Cosmos come in bright colors, like orange, pink and purple.

Your Personality: You are easy-going, friendly, and warm. Your goal is to live a harmonious and peaceful life.


November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum is the only birth flower for November babies. It is often referred to as mum, and it was first cultivated in China around the 15th century. The Japanese consider Chrysanthemum a symbol of perfection because of the orderly unfolding of its petals, which inspired Confucius to use the blooms as an object of meditation. However, in general, Chrysanthemums symbolize honesty, joy, longevity, and loyalty, which perfectly describes Scorpios too!

Your Personality: You are a bit of a people-pleaser (sorry), but hey, that’s you make friends easily! Plus, you are compassionate, honest, and kind.


December Birth Month Flowers: Narcissus and Holly

December has two birth month flowers which are the Narcissus and Holly. Famed for its trumpet-like center, Narcissus symbolize defense, faithfulness, good wishes, hope, protection, respect, and wealth.

Of course, Holly is associated with December. Female varieties of Holly produce bright red berries, which are used to decorate Christmas wreaths and to brighten up the winter months.

Your Personality: You are a bit defensive, especially when someone criticizes the way you do something, like when you rearrange things in your friend’s home to make it cozier.

Don’t just send your family and friends email or text messages, make their birthdays extra special by sending them their birth month flowers. These are the perfect flowers to let your family and friends know how much you appreciate them!

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