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9 Indoor Herb Gardening Tips for Beginners

9 Indoor Herb Gardening Tips for Beginners

Yes, you can grow a successful indoor herb garden even though you’re a beginner! Follow these indoor herb gardening tips, including lighting, watering, and container tips. Don’t forget to give your herbs TLC, as well!

Growing herbs is one of the easiest indoor gardening ideas you can do that doesn’t require a green thumb. Aside from choosing the type of herb plants you want to grow in your space, you also need to consider how much lighting your home receives. Most herbs require full sun of at least 6-8 hours to grow well. Of course, proper watering, temperature, humidity level, and container are all key to a successful indoor herb garden.

So, if you think you’re ready to step up your plant parenting skills, and you’ve already mastered how to keep your aloe vera and snake plants alive, check out these indoor herb gardening tips to keep your basil, mint, and rosemary alive.


Provide Full Sun or Bright, Indirect Light

One of the most important indoor herb gardening tips is to provide either full sun or bright, indirect sunlight to your herbs for at least 6 to 8 hours per day. The stronger the light, the better your herbs will taste. Southern facing windows are the best location for your herbs to grow. If you don’t have access to full sun or bright, indirect light, you can use grow lights to keep your herbs alive.

Keep the Temperature Between 60-70°F

Keep the temperature at 60-70°F to keep your herbs healthy, especially for basil. Basil loves a warm environment to grow. It will wilt and start to discolor with 24 hours if the temperature starts to drop or gets too cold.

Water Your Plants Thoroughly

One of the indoor herb gardening tips you should take note of is to water your plants properly. Some herbs require moist soil, but most herbs require watering only when the top 2 inches of the soil is dry. Test the soil by using your finger to check if your plants are thirsty. Herbs don’t like to be kept in standing water, so make sure to discard any excess water after.


Choose the Best Pot

Of course, you also need to consider the container for your herbs. The main requirement is it should have drainage and a saucer to avoid a mess when watering. To test the pot’s drainage, fill it with water and watch how slowly or quickly the water drains. You can also reuse old plastic containers or jars.

Pick the Best Potting Soil

Choosing a potting mix that provides additional drainage is also one of the important indoor herb gardening tips. Don’t confuse potting mix with potting soil. Those two are different. Potting mix is lighter compared to potting soil and more suitable for herbs.

Grow Herbs in Separate Pots

One of the main reasons why you should grow herbs in separate pots is each herb has a different requirement. Plus, it helps to create the perfect growing environment. You can plant herbs in a single container only if it’s outdoors, but for indoor herbs, it’s best to give each herb its own container.


Don’t Forget to Feed Your Herbs

Check your herbs tag about the fertilizer requirements. Most herbs require seaweed or fish-based fertilizer to grow well. Feed your herbs during its active stage or growing season, spring and summer. Avoid overfeeding your herbs as this can cause plant burn, which can be the cause of death of your plants.

Provide Proper Air Circulation

To provide good air circulation, give your herbs space from each other.

Shower Them With TLC

Yes, show your indoor herbs TLC for them to grow healthy and happy. Experts say to gently brush over the tops of your herbs with your hand, like giving them a little pet, to encourage the stems to be strong.

Start your indoor herb garden today, and don’t forget to bookmark these tips! Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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