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10 Fall Garden Tasks for a Lavish Spring Garden

10 Fall Garden Tasks for a Lavish Spring Garden

The fall season is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the next spring season. Follow these fall garden tasks checklist to make your next year’s garden look bountiful and better.

In just a few weeks, the weather will be shifting from warm and sunny to cool and gloomy, which means it’s time to prepare your garden for the fall season and to finish off your last-minute garden maintenance before fall finally settles in. Here are the fall garden tasks you should do now to make your next year’s garden looking even better and bountiful.

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  • The first fall garden task is to collect dried seeds from veggies and open-pollinated flowers. It’s one of the cheap plant parenting hacks since you could save these seeds and sow them next year.
  • After collecting dried seeds, gather herbs and flowers for drying. Cut flowers like yarrow and hydrangea and bring them indoors. Of course, don’t forget to leave some flowers for the birds and bees.
  • Bring in small cuttings of plants you’d want to transplant outdoors next spring.

  • Clean up your garden tools before storing them for the winter season.

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  • Clean out bird feeders to prepare them for use these cooler months.
  • Clean out cold frames and prepare them for next spring season.

  • Cut back most perennials, especially damaged or diseased perennials, and dispose of them properly.
  • Water your trees and shrubs until the ground freezes. For regions with mild, dry winter, continue to water your trees and shrubs throughout the season.
  • Turn off the pump and turn on the ice breaker. The fall season is the best time to prepare and winterize your garden. Make sure to cover the water garden with netting. This would keep the falling leaves out.
  • Enhance your soil with compost. Spread an even layer of manure or compost on your garden beds.

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If your goal is to have a gorgeous and lush spring garden next year, then now is the best time to strive, plan, and prepare your garden space.

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