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10 Easy Plant Care Tips for Beginners

10 Easy Plant Care Tips for Beginners

There are plenty of ways to keep your plant happy and healthy. If you’re a new plant owner, here are easy plant care tips to help you care for your plant babies.

Caring for plants isn’t always easy-peasy. It’s actually pretty difficult, especially if you’re a new plant parent with zero knowledge on how to keep a plant alive. Don’t worry because all plant parents have gone through this kind of stage. Even experts still research and study how to care for their new plant babies. So if you’re feeling lost, and you don’t know how or where to start, follow these plant care tips!

Choose Indoor Plants Based on Light in Your Space

One of the secrets of becoming a successful plant owner is to choose indoor plants that can thrive according to the type of light you have in your home. Check the direction your windows are facing. Is your home receiving low light or full sun? Most indoor plants thrive under bright, indirect light.

Figure Out Your Plant Personality

Aside from checking the type of light you have in your space, it’s also important to check your plant personality. Are you always busy? If yes, then it’s best to choose a low-maintenance plant. Are you a first-time parent? Opt for something easy like Pothos. Or are you an attentive plant parent that hovers 24/7? Then choose Fiddle Leaf Fig since it loves attention and extra TLC.

Underwatering Is Better Than Overwatering

One of the plant tips you should remember, especially if you’re a new plant owner, is it’s better to underwater your plants than to overwater them. If you’re not sure, you can check the plant’s tag for watering instruction, or you can check the soil using your fingers. If the soil feels dry, it’s time to water your plants. Additionally, it’s best to water your plants deeply rather than lightly. Make sure that the water flows out of the pot’s drainage to avoid root rot.

Increase the Humidity

Most indoor plants thrive in a humid environment. If you can, replicate your plant’s native habitat by increasing the humidity levels and keeping the temperature stable. You can increase the humidity by setting up a humidifier, misting your plants regularly, or placing them on a pebble tray.

Feed Your Plants During Growing Season

One of the plant tips you should do every spring and summer is to feed your houseplants with the recommended amount of fertilizer so that they will grow healthy. Avoid feeding your plant during dormant seasons, which are fall and winter. If you’re not sure if your plants need fertilizer, you can simply skip it and observe their growth. Remember, too much fertilizer can cause fertilizer burn and can actually kill your plant.

Give Your Plants TLC

Of course, no matter how low maintenance and hardy a plant is, it still needs attention and TLC to grow happy and healthy. Pay attention if your plant is receiving enough sunlight and water.

Be Brave to Repot

OK, one of the plant tips you should learn is how to repot your plant without killing it. Don’t worry because repotting a plant is easy. There’s a greater chance that your plant will survive after the process. Be sure to provide fresh potting soil and never pull your plant when repotting since it will damage the roots. You can check out our guide on how to repot houseplants.

Prune Your Plants

Pruning or trimming your plants is also one of the plant tips you should learn if you want your plants to look attractive. Trim away dead leaves, branches, and stems.

Check for Drainage

Most indoor plants die due to root rot caused by pots with no proper drainage. No matter what the material of your planter is, make sure that it has proper drainage. If it doesn’t have drainage, you can make one by carefully creating a hole in the pot with a driller.

Dust Your Plants

Lastly on our plant care tips is to dust your plants weekly, monthly, or a few times a year. Plants get their nutrients through photosynthesis, and if their leaves are covered with dust, they will have a difficult time getting the sunlight they need to survive.

We hope that these plant care tips will help you keep your plant babies alive and healthy. If you’re a beginner who needs more plant care tips, you can check out our plant care blogs for beginners. Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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