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10 Beautiful Small Indoor Plants for Small Space Dwellers

10 Beautiful Small Indoor Plants for Small Space Dwellers

Add the right touch of green without taking up too much space in your home with these beautiful small indoor plants.

Bringing plants into your home has been proven to brighten up the space. Not to mention, they are also great air purifiers and stress relieversLarge indoor plants such as Bird of Paradise and Monstera can make your space look elegant by filling in empty corners and walls. However, they are not always a great choice for small space dwellers.

Don’t stress because there are a lot of small indoor plants that can beautify your home. They are perfect for your work desk or nightstand. They can literally fit anywhere in your home. Indoor plant such as Peace Lily is also a good choice. Yes, it might take a bit of your floor space, but it won’t overwhelm any corner of the room. Plus, small indoor plants are perfect choices for plant walls.

To help you get started, here are the best small indoor plants to help beautify your home.


Air Plant

Also known as Tillandsia, air plants are one of the easiest plants to care for. They don’t need soil at all to grow, but they require the proper amount of care and the right environment to thrive. Provide them with bright, indirect light to thrive. Water your air plant thoroughly like 2-3 times per week, especially if you live in a hot, dry environment or season. Water it less often in a cool, humid season.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular small indoor plants because of its health benefits, such as it purifies the air and heals burns and cuts. As a succulent, Aloe Vera needs a bright, sunny spot to thrive. Water when the soil is completely dry.


Baby Toes

Part of the succulent family, Baby Toes got its name because it resembles an infant’s toes. They are perfect conversation starters because of their unique look. Provide it with bright, indirect sun. They prefer well-drained soil. Water thoroughly when the soil is dry.


Chinese Money Plant

Popular for their beautiful perfect round leaves, the Chinese Money plant is easy to care for. Provide it with partial shade and water it once a week. It’s important to keep the soil moist and never allow the soil to dry out as it can cause stress to the plant.



Echeveria is one of the easiest small indoor plants to care for. These cute succulents are pet-friendly, so you can place them anywhere in your home. It needs at least 3–6 hours of direct sun every day, preferably during the morning. It’s best to place it in a warm spot, like near a window. Water your Echeveria succulents only when the soil is dry.

Jade Plant

An extremely popular succulent because it symbolizes fortune and good wealth, similar to the Money Tree. The Jade plant is a generally undemanding houseplant, which makes it perfect for busy plant parents. It just needs plenty of light and to be watered once a week.

Peace Lily

Beautiful, easy-to-grow, and can bloom all year. Feng Shui experts believe that the Peace Lily converts negative energies to positive ones. Peace Lily prefers filtered light or light partial shade. It can also grow under fluorescent lights. Water at least once a week and keep the soil moist, but avoid overwatering.

Polka Dot Plant

The Polka Dot Plant is an eye-catching houseplant with brightly spotted leaves. It’s one of the most beautiful, easy to care for small indoor plants you can grow, especially if you live in a humid and warm environment. It needs bright or medium-light to thrive well. It’s also important to keep the soil slightly moist. Water when the top ¼ to ½ inch of soil is completely dry.


One of the drought-tolerant houseplants that you can actually keep alive because this houseplant refuses to die. You don’t need to exert too much effort to keep the Pothos alive. All you need is to put them in medium and higher light areas and water them when they start to wilt.


Snake Plant

Similar to Pothos, the Snake Plant is one the easiest plant to take care of and hardest to kill. It will thrive in an area with bright, indirect sunlight or medium light. Water when the soil is almost completely dry.

Beautify your space with these small indoor plants! They’re perfect on a shelf, nightstand, kitchen counter, etc. Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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